Lazy Likes

God Seeker Guy doesn’t want any ‘followers’ and he is not even slightly interested in having anyone ‘like’ him. His relationship with the Almighty is certainly open to discussion and no doubt lots of criticism, so be it.

However, if you have a response to anything he has to say, just pressing a ‘like’ button doesn’t cut it. He doesn’t care if you like him or his work, he cares that you have something to say to him. Pressing a single button to express yourself is lazy and pointless, if he wanted blind followers he would start his own religion. Be angry, be supportive or be undecided, but say what you are thinking so we can all learn from each other.

If the sum total of your contribution to empirical thinking is to hit just one button, you’re in the wrong place. Hitting a ‘Like’ button is not involvement, it’s merely taking on the role of collector.

-GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Update November 04/2106
How far would you go for a million Facebook likes?
This piece by the BBC may be of interest to readers of this post.


Digital Deity?

A writer in a local paper has said she has no real friends, that all of her friends were online and that she was happy with that. She went on to say she was busy with family and that friends required a lot of work to maintain.

What is interesting about this statement is the notion that maybe this woman, or someone with a similar approach to friendship, might be a churchgoer. Assuming that to be the case, why would anyone spend the time and effort to have a relationship with an invisible, elusive and often judgmental entity, yet reject the time and effort needed to spend time with a flesh-and-blood human being who may show genuine care or at least be fun to be with.

A relationship with the Almighty requires a lot of effort in the form of denial, rationalization, and waking up each day hoping you’re not on the road to hell. God is high maintenance.

The Almighty, of course, would never get a high-speed connection. He would have to answer emails and that could be very awkward. So if we want a relationship with the divine, I suppose we’ll have to work at it, but relationships between members of his flock are easier to establish online with little or no effort.

– GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Same Sex Marriage Oh! Oh!

Given the sexual history of the Christian church, one fails to see how any Christian can possibly have issues with same-sex marriages. The Bible is filled with descriptions of marriages of every kind, including bigamy and Levite marriages. Barren wives were expected to give slaves to their husbands – whole tribes were the fruit of incestuous relationships.

Any church leader who sanctions same sex marriage should be applauded as the ultimate environmentalist. Their position, by definition, will contribute to a population reduction and at the same time provide loving parents for abandoned children.

Why all the fuss? Same-sex marriage may well be part of the solution for the Almighty to clean up the mess the human race has become.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Marriage Mayhem

If polygamy with multiple wives is the surest route to the “highest level of salvation” for men, as some breakaway Mormon sects believe, were does that leave wives in the salvation queue?

When asked  what they thought of plural marriages, friends heartily approved, picking a banker, plumber and an ‘athlete’ as their other husbands. Their point is well taken. Polyandry, a form of marriage in which a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time must also be a route to salvation…

The Supreme Court of Canada has noted that “Christian marriage is no longer relevant and from the perspective of the state is a civil institution.” Common-law, same-sex, and multiple partner unions are all in play. Good old classical marriages are failing at an alarming rate and are in danger of becoming extinct.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Getting Close

A Canadian theological professor informs us that we can now enjoy sex in order to bring us closer to God, but only within marriage and only with members of the opposite sex. With over a forty percent failure rate among marriages, a growing singles population and a large gay community, that leaves many of God’s lambs out in the cold shower.

Anyone who believes he knows what God demands in the bedrooms of the world, is playing the same old game of repression. While the professor is obviously a learned and thoughtful Christian, he must be aware that Christian sexuality has too much bad history to be workable in today’s world.

The idea that “in sex we are ultimately going to meet God” may well give permission for some to finally free themselves from sexual oppression, but most of us have already moved on without consent.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

God and Nukes

The two greatest threats to humanity have to be thermonuclear war and monotheism. The dangers of the bomb are obvious, the dangers of monotheism less so.

Prior to the belief in the ‘one true God’ the Pagans offered a healthy variety of attractive almost mortal deities. The goddesses were babes, the gods were hunks. Although much of their time was spent squabbling or coveting each other, pagan gods rarely sought to control their worshipers.

Author Stephen Prothero notes: “Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all ‘people of the book’ who believe in one God who speaks to His people through prophets.” He goes on to say that “the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible, and the Quran also share the patriarch Abraham, who according to all three traditions is the progenitor of monotheism.”

Why with such a common history are the so called ‘three great religions’ continuously at each others throats?  The God of all three religions is the same god after all. Squabbling over its name and identity has led to immense anguish in the world.

It would seem blind faith in the ‘one true God’ will lead us inevitably to an intellectual and possibly literal holocaust.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Heaven Knows

“… Humans unlike the animals can ponder their mortality. They do so mostly with fear and loathing. This is due in part to the poor job done by the church and some philosophers,” wrote author Phillip Larkin.”If we were fully conscious of our mortality, we wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning” – not exactly a warm and fuzzy approach to eternity.

The church has done little to comfort us. Pope John Paul II has determined that “Heaven is a blessed community, which is neither an abstraction nor a physical place.” Religious leaders, as usual, cause confusion by creating bizarre explanations for those of us who are not blessed with clerical insight.

Peter Stanford in his delightful book Heaven makes an interesting observation. “From the time when the first Neanderthal sat next to the lump of dead protein that had been his or her mate and realized that something had to be done about the smell, we have wondered what, if anything comes next.”

Since Darwin has effectively done God out of a job as Stanford suggests, and since we are not going to get out of life alive, I suppose we need answers. Manipulation runs rampant in the Heaven marketing business. The entrance fee has historically been based on behaving ourselves according to the dictates of the Almighty. However, I suspect the famous Ten Commandments held nothing new for those folks lost in the Sinai. Moses simply came down the mountain with the obvious in writing.

Author Stephen Prothero talks about history’s most dangerous idea “that human beings can solve the human problem on our own without recourse to God or divine revelation.”

Rantor William Bond, in 1656 suggested that “we are in Heaven when we are happy and in hell when we are not.” A simple idea but perhaps on the right track.

The love of another human being is conceivably the most cherished feature we will find in life and is possibly the only loss we need mourn during our last days. I imagine even our godless prehistoric relatives had practiced some form of loving and caring so I doubt we require the services of the divine to be fitting humans.

A shroud has no pockets. If we put some value on life rather than focus on possessions, and if we understand that most of us already have what we need to be content, perhaps then Heaven will be within our grasp.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Wiggle Room

Christians find comfort in the knowledge that Jesus Christ saved the world from sin and gave the human race a chance to amend its rotten behavior. Jesus made a heroic effort to save us, but he would surely be disappointed if he could see his flock now.

The Jesus movement of the first century, a Jewish movement led by a man who was born a Jew and died a Jew, was interesting to be sure but hardly unique for the times. The movement probably died out some time during the first century of the modern era.

Jesus the Christ on the other hand flourished. He was transformed into a God by Christianity’s most famous and effective marketing manager, the apostle Paul. Paul’s masterstroke was to appeal to the gentiles by easing up on the membership needs to enter his club. Males were no longer required to alter certain parts of their anatomy to qualify as followers, which in turn allowed more wiggle room for new converts.

Thus, divinity is not the only attribute that separates Jesus Christ from some of his lambs.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)