God and Nukes

The two greatest threats to humanity have to be thermonuclear war and monotheism. The dangers of the bomb are obvious, the dangers of monotheism less so.

Prior to the belief in the ‘one true God’ the Pagans offered a healthy variety of attractive almost mortal deities. The goddesses were babes, the gods were hunks. Although much of their time was spent squabbling or coveting each other, pagan gods rarely sought to control their worshipers.

Author Stephen Prothero notes: “Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all ‘people of the book’ who believe in one God who speaks to His people through prophets.” He goes on to say that “the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible, and the Quran also share the patriarch Abraham, who according to all three traditions is the progenitor of monotheism.”

Why with such a common history are the so called ‘three great religions’ continuously at each others throats?  The God of all three religions is the same god after all. Squabbling over its name and identity has led to immense anguish in the world.

It would seem blind faith in the ‘one true God’ will lead us inevitably to an intellectual and possibly literal holocaust.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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