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Childs letters to God 

The note by a young child reproduced in the illustration above is of course meant to be cute, but it does raise an interesting question in the context of this blog.

How does a small child come to believe that he’s not measuring up to the will of some higher power? One of the greatest objections God Seeker Guy has to most religions is the concept that we’re born sinners, born faulty in some way and only some unseen judgemental entity can free us from our inability to measure up.

One of the immense tragedies of the human spirit is that we live by rules created by others who are for the most part not practising what they preach. The leaders of every religion expound on the behaviour of their flock but rarely look to their own miserable failings. Church leadership worldwide is rampant with moral and ethical failings. Religious leadership has a unique talent for excusing their own less that stellar behaviours, while persistently reminding us of our failings.

“…she came away from the gathering feeling brutalised.”

GSG believes every religious follower is to some extent, living someone else’s lie. A friend recently mentioned how church leadership stated that if she had nothing to repent then she was being arrogant, a vile concept at best. These tirades demonstrates how the church demands that we search for the nasty parts of our nature so that the appointees of the various gods can keep their jobs as moral police.

This same friend who had attended church at the request of her colleague is not a regular church goer but rather is a kind and loyal friend supporting someone in need. After having a very good week herself and feeling happy to support a friend, she came away from the gathering feeling brutalised.

It is not until you become a mother that your judgement slowly turns to compassion and understanding. Erma Bombeck

The mother church might do well to act more like a mom and less like the village thug.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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