Lazy Likes

God Seeker Guy doesn’t want any ‘followers’ and he is not even slightly interested in having anyone ‘like’ him. His relationship with the Almighty is certainly open to discussion and no doubt lots of criticism, so be it.

However, if you have a response to anything he has to say, just pressing a ‘like’ button doesn’t cut it. He doesn’t care if you like him or his work, he cares that you have something to say to him. Pressing a single button to express yourself is lazy and pointless, if he wanted blind followers he would start his own religion. Be angry, be supportive or be undecided, but say what you are thinking so we can all learn from each other.

If the sum total of your contribution to empirical thinking is to hit just one button, you’re in the wrong place. Hitting a ‘Like’ button is not involvement, it’s merely taking on the role of collector.

-GSG (God Seeker Guy)

Update November 04/2106
How far would you go for a million Facebook likes?
This piece by the BBC may be of interest to readers of this post.


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