Wiggle Room

Christians find comfort in the knowledge that Jesus Christ saved the world from sin and gave the human race a chance to amend its rotten behavior. Jesus made a heroic effort to save us, but he would surely be disappointed if he could see his flock now.

The Jesus movement of the first century, a Jewish movement led by a man who was born a Jew and died a Jew, was interesting to be sure but hardly unique for the times. The movement probably died out some time during the first century of the modern era.

Jesus the Christ on the other hand flourished. He was transformed into a God by Christianity’s most famous and effective marketing manager, the apostle Paul. Paul’s masterstroke was to appeal to the gentiles by easing up on the membership needs to enter his club. Males were no longer required to alter certain parts of their anatomy to qualify as followers, which in turn allowed more wiggle room for new converts.

Thus, divinity is not the only attribute that separates Jesus Christ from some of his lambs.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)


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