Digital Deity?

A writer in a local paper has said she has no real friends, that all of her friends were online and that she was happy with that. She went on to say she was busy with family and that friends required a lot of work to maintain.

What is interesting about this statement is the notion that maybe this woman, or someone with a similar approach to friendship, might be a churchgoer. Assuming that to be the case, why would anyone spend the time and effort to have a relationship with an invisible, elusive and often judgmental entity, yet reject the time and effort needed to spend time with a flesh-and-blood human being who may show genuine care or at least be fun to be with.

A relationship with the Almighty requires a lot of effort in the form of denial, rationalization, and waking up each day hoping you’re not on the road to hell. God is high maintenance.

The Almighty, of course, would never get a high-speed connection. He would have to answer emails and that could be very awkward. So if we want a relationship with the divine, I suppose we’ll have to work at it, but relationships between members of his flock are easier to establish online with little or no effort.

– GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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