Father, the Son and the Holy Bot

Human beings are strange creatures indeed. We look at the stars, feel the wind in our hair, the rain on our face and invent gods to explain it all to ourselves. We place ourselves at the centre of the universe assuming that the human condition is the only one of any real importance. We have a shock coming our way.

Due to our so called superior intelligence and our supreme ability ignore those things that are working against us, we will soon be implanting computer chips in our brains supplied by the artificial intelligence scientists and their fellow ghouls.

“…if our programmers choose eliminate the religion virus, where does that leave the Almighty?”

Imagine the comical scenario when the day arrives that some of us attend confession  just to be attended by a Holy Bot set up in the booth to council us and forgive us our sins if it sees fit to do so. Priests will be out of work like many others and artificial intelligence will become less artificial and humans – as we know them –   will become a curiosity.

All of this change poses an interesting question. If we humans are no longer available to believe in the Gods, if our programmers choose to eliminate the religion virus, where does that leave the Almighty?

The stars don’t believe in God, wind, rain and the animals don’t believe in God. If we no longer need religion to explain the mysteries of the world to us, perhaps it is time to face the truth and accept that we will have a new programmer, a real programmer, one that will be equally mysterious in its ways but definitely more existent and unforgiving.

The new Gods will be be robots designing better robots, there will be no room for the foibles of humans beings. The wind in our hair and the rain on our face should be seen as a warning of the coming storm.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)


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