Impossible things!

Faith is a wonderful thing in many of its forms, faith in yourself, faith in others and faith in the human condition. However blind faith in an unseen God, promoted by religious elites with a vested interest in maintaining their dwindling flocks, is perhaps no longer applicable in the information age.

The young in particular have thousands of years of informed thinking at their fingertips and they should be asking lots of questions about God, religion and the religious prognosticators. Sadly, more time is spent keeping up with the latest escapades of movie stars, pop stars and YouTube lunatics than is spent seeking out personal truth. To be fair, such a tragic waste time is not limited to the young.

You’re the smartest generation in the history of the planet, use your intelligence, use your powerful tools to find your own answers. Those who demand you follow a centuries old line of belief barley understand that Twitter, as you know it, is not the sound a sparrow makes in spring when it’s trying to mate.

“You’re the smartest generation in the history of the planet, use your intelligence, use your powerful tools to find your own answers.”

Get mad, demand accountability from those who ask you to believe in impossible things, impossible because you have access to the truth and refuse to live in a medieval world with medieval thinking handed to you by religious dinosaurs refusing to accept that their time has passed.

People are not animals, we have the ability to reason, that is what separates us from the beasts. Why then, do we follow religions blindly, almost by instinct like salmon swimming upstream to die because that is what they have done for millennia.

Generally we’re born with a faith, follow it and abandon it only when we stop breathing. In the mean time we live in abject fear of what comes after life because religions have determined what awaits us.

The universe is very big and we understand little of how it works, but we must know by now that the stories of heaven, hell and an ark filled with animal waste, are merely uninformed efforts to science.

GSG (God seeker Guy)

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