Like it or not!

God Seeker Guy has read numerous sites of his readers and the common thread is to talk in depth about one’s personal  life. The object, it seems, is to elicit responses from others who actually begin to believe that they are part of your life. This seems to GSG a poor substitute for flesh and blood communication.

Turning to blogs and social media has some parallels to embracing organized religion and faith. Both offer comfort, both offer companionship and both are an illusion. Perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing, most of what we believe and think is erroneous.

“In our transient societies trust and genuine caring have been eroded by instant gratification, feelings of entitlement…”

The principle cause for the explosion of online relationships, and a valid one to be sure, is of course the huge problem of meeting people and establishing lasting relationships. In our transient societies trust and genuine caring have been eroded by instant gratification, feelings of entitlement and intolerance. Real relationships are hard work, they require, patience, time, compromise and understanding, all of which are in short supply in the average city.

Technology has made it too easy to talk to strangers, to reach out but not touch someone. Do followers get involved in your life because they care about you and your problems or because they desperately need someone to care about in order feel validated as human beings? Worse still are they living vicariously through someone who they perceive as having a more interesting life. Rather than curing loneliness blogs and social media platforms are actually pushing us further down the dark well of isolation.

We all need others for support, understanding and advise, but do we need five hundred people offering input or checking up on us? How many stay, how many return, is the search for interested parties endless?

GSG doesn’t want you to engage with him and offer your “support ” or to “reach out”  just to agree with him. On the contrary he is looking for challenges to his ideas so he can defend his position and so confirm his stance. He is searching for faith and you’re invited to watch or participate but he is more than prepared to handle the perils that may lay ahead in the form of rejection, denunciation and withdrawal of “likes” and “followers”

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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