In the news – Where is the trust?

The BBC reported this week: “Child sex allegations involving one of Iran’s best-known Koran reciters are causing shock and anger in the country, days after several accusers took the unprecedented step of going public with the claims.”
See BBC report

Clearly, the above story demonstrates that the Christian church holds no monopoly on betraying the trust of its flock, particularly when it comes to abusing the more innocent members. Many, but not all, religious leaders have repeatedly shown themselves to be riddled with corrupt spirits and questionable moral fiber.

It’s very dangerous to follow too closely any one teacher or any one creed, for you never know if the guru you are expected to revere is in fact made of far inferior stuff than yourself.

The church, any church, has long preached one thing and practiced another. “It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – a statement often attributed Pope Leo X, illustrates how hazardous it is to live your life according to decrees formulated by tutors who live by a double standard.

It’s particularly hideous when the children of the world fall victim to adults who preach the Holy Books, but follow the path of something even more sinister.

-GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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