Harassed sheep

The phrase ‘do not be afraid’ appears 365 times in the Bible, that works out to a daily reminder that there are countless things to fear and endless things to worry about.

The church thrives by keeping its flock living in abject dread and anxiety. On the one hand church leaders tell their flock not to be fearful, at the same time they expound on the evils that lurk around every corner. The sheep are just trying to make a living so they can generate money to give to the church so it can perpetuate the cycle of trepidation.

Surely, the ecclesiastical enforcers should be on our side, instead of crafting thoroughly unpleasant scenarios should we step outside the bounds of the Almighty’s rules and regulations.

Life is fearful enough with job issues, relationship issues, and the outcome of hockey games. Who would you rather have on your side, God or a really good coach?

– GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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