Eve’s Bad Rap

The challenge within the story of Adam and Eve is to spot the true villain.When the Almighty finds Adam and Eve hiding in the bushes and demands to know who ate from the famous tree, Adam immediately blames Eve; the rest of course is history. It’s not an easy task shouldering the blame for the downfall of the human race, but Eve has born the weight on her broad shoulders with admirable stoicism.

Author Jack Holland notes “Eve’s curious mind and audacious spirit proved to be unsettling to many. Ever since the famous fall – all the world’s major religions, and most of the world’s renowned philosophers, have regarded women with scorn.” Aristotle saw women as “failed males” and thirteenth century Catholic Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas saw women as helpmates and suggested that women were “a necessary object needed to preserve the species and provide food and drink.” Not their finest moments, even considering the times.

To keep the ladies in line, Holland suggests: “the ever resourceful church developed the concept of purity for women. The virgin myth has been employed ruthlessly to show women just how shameless they really are”.

Surely Eve has been given a bad rap. One small culinary error and she gets dumped on for all eternity.

GSG (God Seeker Guy)

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